Reasons For Hair Loss – Why Are You and Other Men Going Bald?

Have you ever wondered – what are the reasons for hair loss? Why is it that some guys go bald and others don’t? Is it a curse or is there a more scientific reason for it than that. In this article, I’ll explain why some people are higher risk than others and exactly what happens in the body to make you lose your hair earlier than others.

Starts With Testosterone

It all starts with testosterone. This is a chemical produced in all men and in limited amounts in women too. In itself, it is not all that useful.

So the body converts it into other chemicals known as “androgens”. One of thes androgens is DHT.


DHT is used by the body for many functions, including in the liver. Unfortunately, it also has the side effect of coalescing in the scalp where it can gradually cause the hair follicles to become denutrified over time by preventing them from efficiently obtaining their nutrition from the network of blood vessels under your scalp.

Over time and starting at your hairline, your follicles produce thinner and thinner hairs until eventually they quit producing hairs altogether. However, they can be revived within 4 years of producing no hairs. Any longer than that and they can never stop growing again.


By the age of 50, half of all men will have started experiencing hair loss, and even in their twenties one quarter of all men will have some hair loss.

The reason for this is genetics and not lifestyle. However, genetics are not an excuse for not doing something about your baldness. Even a man cursed with band genetics can still stop his hair loss and regrow hair from dormant hair follicles.

Drugs And Natural Methods

Drugs and natural methods both work by dispersing the DHT and helping the follicles obtain the most nutrition possible.

As a result, hairs stop growing thinner and start to grow back thicker. Even bald spots less than four years old can start to produce hairs once more.

The main difference between them is cost and side effects. Drugs have many common side effects such as sexual dysfunction. They also cost several thousand dollars per year. Natural ingredient derived cures have no such side effects and cost a few bucks to make in the comfort of your own home.

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